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When Things Change For The Worse…

My recent most visit to one of the most expensive restaurants in Bangalore, the supposedly 7 star, Leela Palace has been a major let down. The parking lot is worse than that of a 3rd grade movie theater and the service in their Citrus restaurant is pathetic to say the least (I couldn’t understand a word of what the staff was speaking and the staff didn’t know English or Hindi!). The last experience I had there has put me in a complete state of shock. About a month or so ago, their orignial vehicle entrance was blocked. They re-directed us to enter through the basement route, the leading & exit passages were extremely narrow, winding, dimly lit and had no mirrors/other mechanism to give me warning of how much I should expect to turn. I barely made it through…phew! 

A little birdie tells me that their rooms and allied services are exquisite and nothing has changed in that department, which kind of set me wondering. I guess they have applied core vs. non-core activity strategy to their staffing and services. So anything non-core might have been either downsized, outsourced or starved of funding – most hotels in India are going through a tough time with large rate cuts and less than expected room occupancy! But, is non-core really non-core? Isn’t there an image, brand or reputation to maintain as long as those activities are in your premises and could affect the way potential clients think of you – even before they have experienced the rooms? Mr. Nair, do give it a thought.

Hongkong Night Market – A Must See!

The Hongkong Night Market or should I call it more of “fake goods” market is a place where you can get anything from a Burberry to Calvin Klein watches, glasses, bags – you name it – except, they are all duplicates, that’s all. In some cases you will be hard put to to tell the difference if you are not a brand connoisseur and in some cases, well let us just say, you are not that easily fooled ;). And, what is more, it is more or less fixed price – you can bargain a little bit, but they are so busy with the willing customers that if you continue to argue on 20HKD vs. 25HKD, you will be ignored.

So, all of you on the way to Macau or with a day to hangout in Hongkong – do add this to a must see list of places…and have fun!

Third time is a charm…

Whenever I see Abhay Deol (cousin of Sunny, Bobby and Esha Deol, nephew of Dharmendra) on screen, two things come to my mind.

1. How the success/failure of a person as an actor, even before he/she acts, is determined in our minds. In fact it is the same with people, we make judgements in our sub-conscious minds that reflects an instinct that is dormant in us. All the same it is unexplainable and irrational and knows a star when it sees, we know when someone is saying untruth and all this in the “blink” of an eye (pun intended). Some people trust this more than any other proof that is given to them and a few others, use this as a starting point and change their judgements based on actual incidents around them.

2. The phrase “third time is a charm”, as was obvious from the title, of course! However, this third does seem to have worked his charm at the box office and hopefully will salvage the Deol image (beyond being food for comedy shows) going forward in serious cinema.

So here’s wishing luck to the “oye, lucky, oye” boy.

A call in mid-air…Jai Ho, Airtel!

My flight was 15-20 minutes away from landing on Wednesday and I had forgotten to switch off my mobile phone (a feat I will never try out next time or ever!). The flight had been delayed and my number was being repeatedly tried from the ground and well, ahem…my mobile started ringing while the flight was still in the air! As I looked outside, the flight was hovering over the land area, the vehicles and buildings looked distant and very small. As the phone rang, I hurried to switch it off but one thing was ringing clear in my mind – what a range, sirji! and Jai Ho, Airtel!

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