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If newspapers took a break…

There was a time newspapers were as essential as milk and food. There was no other way of getting to know the goings-on in the world, otherwise. How much of it could the radio or the TV really cover? They have their music to play…right?

Come to think of it, what if newspapers decided to not do this lets fill papers with news everyday? What if they decided to only publish when there was something worthwhile to publish and what if different newspapers declared ahead of time what is “worthwhile” for them to publish. That is, on certain days you might not get to see papers at all and on other days, you might get 4-5 editions! So, editorials if there is something to write about else none at all….would that get them more attention than they currently do? Would that help increase quality? Would that help make ads much more contextual and help salvage them from the path they are going down on?

It would imply huge innovation in distribution and gearing up to do more of just-in-time stuff than the regular get-this-out-at-3am-everyday kind of publishing. Many of them are getting there with their digital strategies but the print strategy doesn’t seem to have changed at all. What do you think, time for the newspapers to take a break?

Has the mainstream media tweeted too early?

In the recent past I have seen 3 different “editorial-like” posts in the mainstream media (read – newspapers) about twitter and to think that less than 120K Indian’s are tweeting, yet. Is the mainstream media disconnected with the Indian reality and just aping the hype in the western media? To begin with all the articles assumed knowledge of this phenomena and were not educational, to say the least.

Media can definitely act as harbingers of change, but the mechanism to approach it is definitely by briniging the people on board and not just pushing it down the public’s throat, especially when most are either not aware of the phenomena, or have not bought into it, yet. The questions media needs to ask itself is that when an onslaught of new technology – ranging from online presence, blogging, social media and now twitter – comes up what kind of measures do I adopt to get the public onboard, do I have a mechanism to gauge the depth of adoption possible, will my reader identify with this, what role can we play to encourage adoption?

This is going to happen – today with twitter and tomorrow with something else – with the newer technology products, and the better the mainstream media is prepared with a strategy and plan of action, the more beneficial it is for the readers. Not to forget, this nation is still largely influenced by traditional media – TV, newspapers – what with even Google advertising in newspapers in tier II cities, it is sufficient acknowledgement of the fact.

So, what do you think – on twitter or not? why would you get on? I hope one of the reasons is not because the mainstream media is raving about it!

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