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Laptop with wings please

It’s been such a long time since the laptop got a game changing feature. Except for form factor and design (and to some extent the trackpad!), nothing seems to be changing in the laptop world.  >90% of laptops are manufactured in Taiwan and quite a large extent of the design and innovation (or the lack of it) also happens there.

I decided to ask for more.  How about if we had a laptop that could do the following?

1. Print – I’d love for my laptop to print out my flight/train tickets (yeah, I hate having to buy and maintain printers just for tickets. I’ve stopped printing much else now a days)

2. Scan – I’d love for my laptop to scan things I come across quickly and store, categorize them for later references (scanning is on the up move but all the same, I don’t want to buy a separate device to do this)

3. Project – I’d love to be able to project my presentations without having to connect it to any external device, just click and shoot!

And while we are at it, can it please also have wings? Talk about advanced mobility solutions! Acer, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba – are you listening?

Readers, what are your demands from your laptop?

netbooks vs. iphone vs. kindle…war of gadgets

It is happening, day in and day out. How many of us really like to lug around multiple gadgets? I for one, don’t. That does not mean that I’m a proponent of give me everything in a ugly box and I will be happy. I do want convergence but a user friendly one in terms of usage, design and price point. This is what is giving space for the iPhones and the Kindles of the world. Otherwise, what is it that I can’t do on my laptop that any of these devices offer?

I spend most of my working time with a laptop, I take it with me when I travel and it can do most of my work, store/play music/video and e-book and do a whole lot more! So, if I have an option of buying a netbook at $250 vs. an iPhone/Kindly at $350 or more, what would I chose? In my mind, the answer is an uneqivocal “netbook”.

Now, I’m not the typical Apple customer who stands in front of the Apple Store to buy the iPhone on the day of realease and neither am I the kind who would download e-books, store them on Kindle and squeeze every moment when I’m travelling/otherwise to read. In my opinion, the war of gadgets will continue in our minds and our physical spaces, each has its specific segment of buyers and fans. However, netbooks clubbed with the current economic situation will definitely deliver a significant blow to the rosy sales projections made by Kindle..though, I wouldn’t make a prediction on Apple along the same lines.

Do share your iPhone/Kindle/Netbook experiences/stories…I’m all ears.

Asus – Open Product Innovation

Innovation is as broad a topic as it can get, I will nibble at it from a corner and focus on Open Product Innovation today.

I came across this interesting concept website from Asus – wepc. Asus is a PC vendor and has opened up a customer channel for innovation and product thinking through this website. Some of the concepts are highly interesting ranging from a laptop with an integrated projector to a pedant PC (like the sixth sense presentation at TED) to a multi-screen collapsible version.

If Asus is doing this right, they are not just looking at the product concepts, they are looking at validation of trends – for example, if you scroll through the dream PC designs and the votes they have received – some trends become clear, like people seem to be pitching for a hybrid between the phone and the PC which seems to be the next convergence point after consumer-communication and communication-computation that happened earlier with the music phones and Skype on laptop.

There is a definite trend towards enhanced interaction experiences with their phone-cum-laptop-cum-multimedia player devices – which could translate into touch screens, artificial intelligence, personalized look and feel etc…and much more as Asus reads through the trends and benefits.

Now, one might wonder, Asus has this in open, other PC vendors must also be mining this data – why did they chose to be the ones on whose cost the competition benefits? Will a wepc ardent user buy an Asus model vs. Dell/HP/Acer/Lenovo, given the same feature and better pricing?
Maybe, in the laptop world, people don’t really buy unique designs from a given vendor, the more vendors make things, the more a given “similar” kind of design sells because now there is a comparison reference point (Apple being an exception which I don’t want to use to prove a rule)

Food for thought and comments….

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