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Job Postings and Inadequacy

Most job postings I come across look too good to be true. The requirements make the ideal person seem like a the job requires you to be a “versatile demi-god” with excellent communication, good team player, leader, many years of domain expertise, no travel compunctions, no work hour issues (read as work 24×7) and the list doesn’t end here…

This is the easy way to go about the process, put all the tangible and intangible best case requirements for the role in a piece of paper and hope to get a good fit on as many dimensions as possible. But, is there a better way to recruit without intimidating the worthy? I’ve seen some companies going to the other extreme, put out the company details and the basic minimum requirements and then trust the weeding process to bring out the best fit. Both these cases, when the job posting seems too good to be true and when the base case requirements are put out, the company can get inundated with tons of resumes and the weeding process cannot be efficient, to say the least.

 So, is there a more effective way? I was wondering if inbound marketing has a good answer to this. I’m referring to the process, where the company can use digital medium to communicate its stratgey, role requirements, a couple of interviews with people on the job (something real and tangible for the applicants). This will not only weed out the “not-so-fit” resumes, it will encourage the “best fits” to apply, n confident in the knowledge that there is a chance. It does force the company to do more work than usual for a job posting, but, seriously I don’t want to just see the postings that say- how great the company is and how great everybody is but rather how real the opportunity is and how excited (or not?) someone should be about it.

How about reaching out to potential recruits based on their activities in and around social media? How about creating the competitions where they can showcase what they can do? Some companies do it, most don’t. What do you think? Effective recruitment techniques, anyone? How do you get your job requirements across without overdoing it or underplaying it? Has anyone have success stories of recruiting via social media?

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