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Gtalk Feature Request

I know when you hear this, you will go, duh! But the fact is that, it not being there makes managing people on my gtalk list a little difficult.

Ok, first the request – need a “category” feature on gtalk, where (if I want to, that is), I can classify my friends into different categories and hence, manage the ones I interact with more vs. the others, a little better.

This feature already exists on most other chat engines and hence, it is annoying when I have to wade through “n” number of contacts on gtalk to get to the one I’m looking for, especially, when the order of the list varies based on who is online vs. not. One of the solutions a friend suggested is to delete a contact you don’t interact with on a regular basis from the chat list. Well, I for one, don’t get the point of adding someone on your chat list if the only way to prune it is by deleting the contact when you want to manage it better!!!

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