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It’s funny I was having a conversation with a designer the other day. He was telling me how fancy font are so important for the restaurant because that’s all they have to show on the menu and the fact that many of them spend large sums of money on it. Right? Wrong.

Now, here’s something I’ve noticed, when we eat, our sense of smell and sight serve as amazing appetizers as much as any actual food could. So, why do all the restaurants only rely on “fancy fonts” to convey information about their cuisine? I agree they scatter a few pictures around (which for the most part, have nothing to do with the dishes mentioned or don’t even look remotely like them when ordered).

In sharp contrast, every single restaurant I’d been to in China had a “picture menu” where every item had a picture against it and even more importantly, it was the actual picture of the dish and not an air-brushed or “aspirational” version of the same. What I miss to understand is why air-brush something or spend on a fancy font so much money if all you have to do is to put out your dishes as they are served on your menu for customers to understand what to expect!


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