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Untying the horns around my head

My architecture professor during Engineering days used to regularly wrap up his sessions with this thought, “I’ve taught you this session in a particular way and in the process tied horns around your head. So go home and untie those horns and look at the material all over again.” Frankly, I used to be amused when he used to say that. The reason? Simple, apart from the way he had taught it, I did not know of any other way of looking at the material.

As I have gained experience, I’ve added more dimensions of looking at the same problems, solutions and options in a way that could not have happened in the pre-experience, student era. Of course, some of this has to do with experience depth but some of it is just “a different setting”, “being able to listen to others viewpoints”, “different applications” or a “tough situation” where one has to apply ones knowledge, skill or perspective in order to make a decision or take action.

I’ve never stopped to wonder, how much beneficial this kind of exposure would be for children over a period of time to look at what they are learning as well as being able to look at themselves and their development in a different light.

What do you think? Would you like to share an experience that untied an experience around your head?

Do entrepreneurs need previous experience? – YourStory Blog

Here is the article Suhani published at YourStory Blog, it has my interview also in it along with a couple of other entrepreneurs. You can find the unabridged version of the article that I wrote – here

Thanks for sending over the link, Suhani!

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