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Bluetooth Mobile Headsets – Quite An Earful!

Ever wondered why Bluetooth headsets never took off the way they should despite the growing need for such a gadget amongst the “teleconferencing community”? I bought a Jabra headset a couple of years ago and it has fallen out of favor with me . Thinking back at my reasons, I decided to put them up here for those considering buying one and for those wondering why they wasted money on it! Have fun…

1. Extra Charger – I need an extra charger for the headset! As if having to go through the constant charging of on my mobile phone was not painful enough. I have extra accessories to carry around and remeber to use. What is more, when I’m charging the headset, I can’t use it to talk. So, if you remember that you have an hour long call at the last minute and your headset is out of charge, tough luck!

2. Connectivity Issues – There is no way I can connect the headset as an afterthought, once the call has started, it just wouldn’t let me activitate the bluetooth headset. So using a headset actually means, being prepared – with it charged and connected – all the time, if that is how much you use your phone, which is most of us, anyway! Not to say, if the phone runs out of charge while you are talking, there are good chances that your call gets dropped.

3. Separate Entity – This is my favorite one…a bluetooth headset comes as a separate entity that I need to track apart from the 20 other things that are essential when I’m travelling or working – car keys, security cards, identity cards, food coupons, locker keys, house keys….what not?

Why can’t the mobile phone have a headset space on it, where I can plug it in after use and it charges along with my phone? Why can’t I connect the headset with the ease of putting my phone on speaker vs. handset mode? Well, life would be too easy then, eh?

Android = Google of consumer electronics OS?

First it was the Android Phone from HTC being launched by Google and then comes the news of a company called GNB launching a 7-inch netbook based off Google’s Android platform (and a Freescale iMX31 processor). You would think, thats it, but it does not stop there – Sony announces new walkman and PND for 2010 launch based off Android, T-Mobile is planning on launching new handsets based on Android and to top it all Google’s own announcement to launch 18 new handsets based on Android.

Acer, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo and the list goes on…here

Game Changer?

Has Android caused the kind of disruption in the consumer electronics operating system world as Google caused in the search engine market with a cheap, free and elegant solution and a charmingly “packaged” business model!

It does have some charm to it, it is open sourced, based on Linux kernel and provides access to all the functions of the phone to core as well as third party apps, which can help provide fast, easy and personalized services for users…

But what is the downside? Will it remain another peripheral play just like Linux vs. Windows? Probably and depends on whether any mass-uptake features are offered, whether any long term contracts get signed between major players based on Android support for their devices – however, players don’t seem to be in a hurry to commit to Android and boot Windows as per the HTC announcement (here) – “HTC will always have more Windows Mobiles than Android”…this could well be a rash comment or the vision of the world at the top?

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