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What is inside matters

I was reading Shiv Khera‘s book ‘You can Win‘ recently and I read a story in it that kind of stood out, “A man was selling balloons at a fair. He had all the colors – blue, red, green that one could think of. Once in a while when the sales slowed down, he would send one of the helium filled balloons up in the air and as it flew up all the children wanted one and his sales would go up. A little boy came around, tugged at his shirt and asked him whether the black balloon would fly if he let it go. He calmly explained to the child that, “It is not the color of the balloon but what is inside it that makes it fly”. It is so true about people too.

We, at Sparkling Mindz, make the children realize this and guide them towards thinking and exploring rather than just merely looking at what others are saying or doing. They get a chance to be themselves and even surprise themselves by trusting that they can! It helps improve confidence levels, offers great avenues for self-expression and most importantly, helps them develop as unique individuals that they are. That has been our guiding philosophy from Day 1, that children are unique and different and if we treat them that way they will begin to respect that too.

If you are looking for an exciting place to work, if you are passionate about working with children and looking for a place where you can really make a difference in the lives of children, Sparkling Mindz is expanding and we are looking to hire trainers (learning facilitators) in several areas in Bangalore – Whitefield, Jayanagar, HSR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Yelahanka, Malleshwaram to name a few. More details at our website – Again, if you think that you are the right person to create out-of-the-box experiences for children and are interested to do so, please email us your resume and we will revert asap!

A new journey – Sparkling Mindz

It’s been a while since I posted out here…life has been hectic, life has been venturesome!

About a year ago, an idea struck me that simply summed up as –  the only thing that can make you stand out in the crowd is how you think, learning to think should be taught at a much younger age than it is taught today and that, it should be fun while you are at it! So, I started Sparkling Mindz along with a group of like-minded individuals, who have been a pillar of support in the growth of this organization.

You may be wondering what Sparkling Mindz is? It is an after school program that provides children an opportunity to grasp thinking skills in a fun way!

It is exciting to see the children’s eyes light up they feel empowered to think, generate ideas and then apply it in their day-to-day lives! They learn to transform into confident, thinking individuals…

You can read more about the programs and about us on our website and view pictures from the workshop at our facebook page. Do help by spreading the word and becoming a fan on our facebook page!

More on the journey soon….but do write in with your thoughts and comments. Most importantly, help us reach out as far and wide as possible by spreading the word around to those who can benefit and help us make an impact on millions of lives.

Apartments and the private garden conundrum

My husband is a big fan of open space and gardens, so for him an apartment life feels constraining. That is when an idea struck me! I was just wondering whether in this space-starved world it would be a good idea for apartment builders to let owners occupy garden space on the terrace and plant at least certain limited variety of plants and vegetables? All for a charge, of course. Literally, a space of heaven on the roof! What do you think?

Umbrella Innovation

It is raining non-stop in Bangalore for the past few hours. I happened to be walking for a much longer distance than I generally do during a rainy day. Imagine this, I’m walking on a road, with a non-functioning drain, so road is acting as one and more than half the road is flooded with filthy water forcing me to walk in the middle of the road. Now, it is a two-way road and vehicles need to move both ways. A car almost narrowly misses me from behind and then another.

My spontaneous reaction both the times was to look towards my left and right in search of my rear view mirrors (as in the car) to check how I missed the cars. Well, obviously there were no rear view mirrors, so instead…an idea emerged. What if, we had a rearview mirror that could be attached to an umbrella or even better was part of foldable umbrellas and were foldable themselves so that we could easily use them when required and fold them in when not required.

What do you think? Would it be an interesting contraption to invent and use? Would you buy and use one if it were available in a store nearby?

Designing better road signs for Bangalore

The more I drive around Bangalore roads, the more amused I get as to what the road authority choose to write on road signs.

1. From afar I can’t make out the difference between a “no free left turn” and “no left turn” – seriously!

2. The city internal directions are marked as if they were highways. When I’m on hebbal flyover, one of the exit signs reads – “Whitefield, Hosur Road and MG Road” (whereas, all I want to know is which exit to take to get to outer ring road vs. ending up on Bellary Road or the New Airport Road)

3. If you are on Sankey Road and trying to figure out which direction to go to get to Mekhri circle – hard luck! The road signs tell you only how to get to Vidhan Souda – no, seriously!

4. If you are on the outer ring road, there are a few signals you can’t make a right at, at certain times of the day & night. It is written in 6 point font and is readable only with a microscope.

5. There are one ways where the symbol is placed at the entrance of the one way rather that at the signal before where you make a turn into the road – you are supposed to know before hand, even if you are not from the area that the road is a one way (not to mention roads where it is not mentioned at all). I had a traffic policeman glaring at me when I stopped short of going the wrong way once but ended up confusing the traffic behind me – simply because I saw the sign only when I started to turn the wrong way!

It is a pet peeve of mine and I can go on and on. Do you have any such interesting anecdotes to share about Bangalore and its road signs? Please do, eager to hear from you!

It is a pet peeve of mine, given that I’m really bad with directions (and being forced to get better at it, with the confusing directions and symbols)

Do we have an emergency response strategy?

Recently, I was travelling on the road from Marathalli to Whitefield and the traffic suddenly came to a dead halt. As I stuck my neck out to check what might have happened, I saw that the traffic was stopped at a point and now beginning to crawl around it. As I reached the point, I saw a puppy lying dead on the road. One of the cars ahead of me, perhaps unknowingly, had squished it.

Another incident, a friend of a friend came home hysterical one day. She saw a bike accident and the person died on the spot. The trauma of the incident was too much to bear for her and it took sedatives to calm her down.

Both the incidents put together got me thinking. If you saw an incident of this sort on a road, what would your response be? On the one hand, we need to learn how to deal with trauma and our own feelings but think about the person or the animal lying on the road, how about them? Do any of us know the emergency number to call or report a death to, in Bangalore? Maybe, some of us do for human beings, but how about animals? What is our emergency response strategy? Do we have one? With such high incidence of death rates on the road, why don’t we?

May you live in interesting times…

That is what a very popular Chinese quote says. I was literally at the end of my wits a couple of days ago. There was an unscheduled power cut of nearly 4 hours starting in the night where I live in Bangalore. (And no, I don’t have power backup installed because we thought and still think it is a luxury!).

Ok, coming back to my point of the Chinese quote. I fired up the Google reader from my mobile and started reading all the different blogs that I had not had time for in the past couple of days. As time went by and I didn’t feel bored in a “powerless” state, I realized how important it was that despite the challenges somethings did work. I was thankful for living in interesting times where I had the wisdom of the world’s best at my fingertips even if the “power” situation was out of my control.

Would you like to share any incident where you felt the same – that “you are living in interesting times”?

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