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LinkedIn Etiquette

I don’t mind people who I don’t know requesting to connect with me on LinkedIn. I do the same several times when I see mutual interests, similar profiles, learning potential and so on. But, I have the courtesy to write them a small note indicating why I would like to connect with them. It is important, else you connect with the person and neither you nor the person benefits from the relationship. You are merely another number in the “links” that they are forming and vice versa. Is that why you send invites to a person? Of course not.

There is a reason you chose to send the invite vs. not send it, so why not just mention it quickly in the box provided below? Also, the fact that we share a group in common is not good enough, since it is still very vague. I’ve written about this one time in the past too – LinkedIn Invite Rules and I’m going on record stating it again.

“Do mention a line or two about the common ground or why we should connect up, I really appreciate the thought!”

And hopefully, we will learn and benefit from knowing each other through LinkedIn or otherwise.

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