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Book Review: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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As promised (though late) here is the book review of “What Got You here won’t get you there”  by Marshall Goldsmith. This is an interesting book and appeals to me at multiple levels. Not only does it help in self-improvement, it also lets us see other people in a different light by being able to identify behavior patterns mentioned.

The concepts in this book are not completely new but if you are attempting to figure out what you or someone else around you is doing that is holding you back (and trust me, we all know who/what this is at some level), this is a book that will help you place a finger on the specific issue and take you to the next level of resolving it.

Instead of going very generic, the book covers specific examples like…Ill-tempered boss, Boss playing favorites, having to second guessing the boss all the time, etc.

We might wonder why all examples are negative and why all the above are around bosses…well it is a CEO coaching book, so it is around high level executives and for some positive examples, look below:

1. Feed forward – seek help on your points of improvements from people who you know or even better people who you don’t know.

2. Creating your own PR – how people are not going to notice immediately that you are better or attempting to get better and how you need to create your own PR for the same

And, there is more. For people who are fond of learning from real examples and stories in the process of self-improvement – this is a book for you!

Consuming Information Digit-ally


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Lately I’ve realized that I’m consuming almost all my information through my RSS feed reader – news, blogs, articles of any kind. I’ve not yet moved to e-books because, ahem – all e-book readers (when they are available) in India seem to be so bloody costly!

The fact is, I still travel with a book or two. But, reading the latest blog articles on my mobile from a set of people I follow and admire, always seems to win vs. the books from authors I barely have a connect with. This has serious consequences, in my mind, on what kind of information/news/articles are being read by people. Instead of passively consuming some randomly pushed plot as decided by a publisher and a writer, now I decide the twists in the plot.

Jokes aside, the middle man is being cut out by the power of the reader and it is not just the traditional content creators that are in trouble, as is touted by the “big banner demise stories of newspapers”.

The small and convenient size of the blog articles and the easy to read format also make them more appealing to me. Oh, not to mention, most of the people who blog are experts in their fields or are striving to be so and if you pick and choose right, you get loads of good and solid information in their respective fields of expertise that is current, handy and reliable. Also, many of them have managed to create brilliant communities around their blogs, so each and every blog post gets 100+ responses. Another way to get a feel of the various industry opinions and contradictory viewpoints. They, in a way, complete the posts and make the rugged and more comprehensive.

I’ve never been able to watch news without losing interest in the first 2 minutes, read a newspaper without falling asleep (except for some interesting articles, here and there) but leave me with my RSS feedreader and I’m glued forever.

What role does a marketeer play in this world where content producers directly communicate with the readers? What do you think?

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