Attitude is all that matters

I’m just back from a 2 day training for teachers at Salem in Tamil Nadu. It was an official trip and focussed on usage on creation of audio/visual content with RazorBee (the product that we have in the market currently) from the company I’m with, Ariem Technology. It was our first training in a tier 2 city and we were a bit apprehensive to begin with.

The device helps access internet resources (images, videos, text) for teachers, and though we simplify the process of search, creation and delivery of content, belief in the source (internet) and some experience with the alternative methods helps put some perspective on the device for an end-user. Someone with no exposure to content search or creation and even far less, delivery using technology in classrooms may appreciate the simplicity of the device but will miss the larger picture!

Anyhow, we arrived very early in the morning (4.30am!) and were greeted with so much warmth and care that we almost forgot the sweltering heat in Salem! Next pit stop was teachers themselves, many of them started dropping in as early as 7.30am to meet us at the hostel room itself, where we were put up. The rest had promptly arrived at the computer lab at 8.30am. To say the least, the training was a roller coaster ride.

By the end of the next day when we were leaving, the set of teachers were not only beaming from ear to ear – they had also created audio/visual lessons to support specific topics to teach in class. They went from not knowing anything about gathering content from internet, creating their own or delivering it to knowing and doing it all! Kudos to them, applause for RazorBee and a pat on the back for us :).

What really struck me was their attitude. I’ve not seen too many teachers ask questions, it isn’t considered good, it is considered a sign of weakness, of giving up power etc. However, they were open to ask questions and acknowledge things they didn’t know, that was a brilliant positive start. Next, came their attitude towards each other and team work. In some of the tasks we had divided them into groups and I noticed that they had an amazing way of working together. One would think they would not want to disagree with each other but instead they did, they resolved it very tactfully too. One would think they would not know how to structure a discussion and then assign roles, they did it very well. For me, the moral of the story being that it does not matter where in the world you are and in what stage of technology usage, with the right attitude and the right tool one can achieve wonders.

The end result was something that one could not make out as being created by newbees to RazorBee and all kudos to their attitude.


2 Responses to “Attitude is all that matters”

  1. 1 devild April 29, 2010 at 8:29 am

    Nice post. One can almost sense the excitement .

    I bet you will find the same exercise comparatively difficult in a many a sophisticated city. Next wave of Indian super power will arise from places like salem, no doubt !!!

    • 2 sree April 30, 2010 at 1:06 am

      Thanks. Actually, as of this week we are doing the same exercise in Bangalore. It is a little different, but not difficult. Will post more details soon!

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