New Media – Old Media

Some may balk at the expression “old media” but the implication of using the term “new” media is obvious, right? Anyhow, coming to the point of the post. I was listening to RJ Anjaan on 94.3 RadioOne in Bangalore FM and I noticed him do something very interesting, he called out to the listeners to look him up on Facebook, add him as a friend, write on his wall, tweet to him and that he will shout out their names on his show. This was interesting because he is using social networks as a “pull in”.

1. While RadioOne gets an alternate channel to pull in viewers, you would’ve noticed that the FM channels at least have stopped giving out their PO box numbers, they are still sticking to mobile and email IDs but I think soon that will be passe – Anjaan has started a trend with Facebook and twitter messages.

2. Previously, all “pull in” streams did not exist without the media itself. So if you take PO box numbers, email IDs, contact numbers – all of them are very “corporatish”, controlled, inbound and private channels. Facebook and Twitter go beyond that – they are open, mass viewable and public. Everything that the radio represents at some level!

3. The nature of Facebook and twitter (although there are corporates there for sure) encourages personal interactions with employees, there is a ‘realism” effect at play in there. So, what Anjaan is doing with his own personal profile in Facebook and Twitter is actually creating an open personal network for him in his professional role or in short, creating a brand of himself. Again, a trend?

What do you think? Is new media – old media partnership interesting?


2 Responses to “New Media – Old Media”

  1. 1 Anjaan October 11, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    First off thanks so much for the generously penned blog post! 🙂 Feels nice that someone thinks Im trendy… haha

    Yes I agree I was one of the first in the Indian Radio Scene to get immensely active on Social media and combine that with Radio. There are many Jocks and stations who do it now.. and some of them are even more interactive than I am~! 🙂

    But I beg to differ that Radio is “old media”, yes as a media format its been here longer than “social media” but the way Commercial Radio is eating up the advertising pie its as “new” as new can be! 🙂

    And also some responses to your points
    1. Radio One does not have viewers.. it has listeners. And you’d be surprised to know that the conversion rate either ways (from radio to social media and social media to radio) is less than 2%. Which means if i have 100 listeners only 2 will join me on facebook if i announce it on radio. And if I have 100fans on my facebook page only 2 will tune into my show if I ask them to listen up! 🙂

    2. WE still deploy other interaction tools. we still give out email addresses, take calls, take in sms’s and even get post / snail mail once in a while… the key here is Interaction. If tomorrow there’s another way for us to connect… We will! 🙂
    Thats why we’re all in this business i guess.. cuz we lov e to connect! 🙂

    3. Radio is similar to social media in this aspect. Everything about radio is “Real”. You cannot project an image on radio (unlike tv) You are what your are and thats what sells. Personalities ooze through any media you throw at them! 🙂

    I see social media as a great platform for interaction. Thats all. And im glad I could make this connection with you!

    Stay connected and Stay tuned! 🙂

  2. 2 sree October 11, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Hey Anjaan!
    I posted this more than a year and a half ago, when I first started noticing the trend. So nice to see your response (and a very thought out, generous one) at that.

    I agree with what you are saying about “old” vs. “new” – maybe I should have said – “existing” vs. “new” media 😉 but then it won’t be debatable then – will it?

    Your point about Facebook-radio conversion sounds interesting and disappointing at the same time. For all the people who spend time on Facebook, I guess more conversions are due!!! Should you be engaging them exclusively on Facebook then and then leveraging that into FM in some way? Does Twitter behave the same?

    Also, I was fascinated by the more open nature of the interaction that Facebook and Twitter has permitted which Phone/SMS/Snail Mail etc. don’t really permit. Where other users will not generally be able to see what the others said without you as a medium. With social media these other channels of communication (which are mere pull ins for you currently) can exist beyond 94.3 itself and maybe become a channel medium in themselves in the future!!! (maybe, they are already, just not in the context of FM in India!)

    Well, I agree with what you are saying about Radio being way more real than TV and it is way more spontaneous too. I also think that FM’s have given a new leash of life to the dying art form of “listening to radio” itself and I’m thankful to that. I’ve been a fan of Radio since “Vividh Bharathi” time and loved every moment of it. Would love for you to try out some more variety in programs like Vividh Bharathi used to – beyond music itself.

    Yes and connect we will, I’m sure 🙂


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