Remixes Coming of Age

Two recent remixes I heard in very different contexts set me thinking…probably either the remixes have become really good or I’ve move ahead of the olden numbers. I still enjoy most of the 70s and 80s Bollywood songs so I would have to say the former.

The first song I heard was from a new movie “Road, Movie” that is starring Abhay Deol, called “Tel Malish” (although Dev Benegal, Director of the movie refuses to call it a remix – I’ll use a writer’s liberty and use the word anyway). It has a really slick feel to it and gives the song a whole new meaning in the context of the movie. When I first heard the song it was with some skepticism but all that vanished in the first few seconds of listening to it and by the time it was done I had to say wow. Hear it to experience it – here it is.

The second song is part of the new coke ad starring Imran Khan and an invisible coke bottle 🙂 and it is a remix version of the first few lines of an old Rafi song “tum jo mil gaye ho”, again interpreted so well in the current context and set to a very catchy rhythm.  Here it is.

I can’t help but say it again – would love remixes if they did this kind of a magic on old songs. The old songs get a new leash of life and the new ones their due recognition!


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