Pathetic Services in Bangalore Hospitals

Ever wondered about the kind of pathetic healthcare service that is meted to you in a city like Bangalore? I dread to think of what happens in the B and C towns in India! I want to talk about two such experiences in recent times. For those new to this blog, here is a reference to my continuing anguish with services in Bangalore hospitals. So here goes…

Manipal Hospital – We called up in advance to ask if the doctor was going to be around and were told that they would not be if we did not come before 12 noon. So, we rushed and reached the hospital only to find that there were atleast 20 people in the queue and no semblance of any queue system being followed. People were being randomly shown in and everyone was constantly told that there were 5 people ahead of them in the queue. The worst part was when we wanted to submit a feedback form to report our complaint on the way out, we just couldn’t locate the complaint/suggestion box and the attitude of the staff was more like they couldn’t care any less. It is pretty sad to see this kind of service in a hospital like Manipal.

Columbia Asia (near Hebbal) – Now, this is the funny part. We got an appointment here on a holiday and we were surprised to say the least. We double confirmed the appointment and reached the hospital on time. However, in spite of waiting for 45 mins there was no sign of the doctor. The staff had no idea where the doctor was and when he would come! So they took an appointment without checking with the doctor.

I wonder why hospitals and their staff behave like they are doing us an act of graciousness by even being around and its your problem if you fell sick. Well, its great to have hospitals (what would we do without them) but seriously, can’t one get a good healthcare service without knowing the doctor personally? Not even in Bangalore?


2 Responses to “Pathetic Services in Bangalore Hospitals”

  1. 1 ganeshramanan January 3, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Hey Sreeja, Wish you and your family a very happy, peaceful and successful 2010.

    I have been following your blogs since couple of days. All well expressed and well written.

    Recently I had been to ‘holy spirit’ hospital here in Mumbai, to get rid of a sebaceous cyst from my face. I took an appointment with a skin specialist who examined my cyst and suggested me to get it operated, a very minor operation. Since it was on my face, he recommended me to meet a plastic surgeon in the same hospital.
    So next day I had an appointment with her (plastic surgeon), and after waiting for more than half n hour she didn’t turn up that day. So I again got an appointment after 2 days, but this time I told my entire story over phone while taking the appointment.

    luckily I met her on time, but what next, she suggested me to come to her private clinic to get it operated because she had no time in the hospital where she is working.
    I tried to ‘negotiate’ with her to get some time for me, but she always had to say “no”.

    Reason – if she operates in hospital she gets nothing, and I have to pay only 1500 bucks to holyspirit, and if I go to her private clinic she is going to charge me some 6000 bucks for the same operation.
    And the worst part – there is nobody in the hospital to take my complaint.

    • 2 Sreeja Iyer January 3, 2010 at 11:01 pm

      Thanks for your wishes. Wish you and your family the same.

      What you have mentioned below is and what I’ve been experiencing all showcase an endemic flaw in our medical services. If the best of the hospitals don’t have processes to check and correct these things, which implies no value for money even if you have any. What is the plight of the people who don’t? We can never call ourselves truly developed unless basic services are met out in a professional manner. Sreeja

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