Bangalore Traffic Police Go Hi-Tech

Embarassed as I’m of what happened, I can’t help but write about the incident and the revelation. I broke a “u-turn” rule recently near Koramangala in Bangalore in order to avoid a huge traffic jam and got caught by the traffic police. Well, as notorious as they are for taking bribes they are there at all the places, you can’t really escape as much as you wish!

Anyway, coming back to the point, as I approached the officer to pay my fine I noticed that he had a blackberry with him and a small printer (like the ones that print credit card slips at retail stores). He asked for my license and I gave it to him, still puzzled at the hi-tech gadgetry and sophistication around him. He asked me for a few details, took a picture of my license and printed me a receipt for the fine! I was shocked, to say the least!!!

When I probed further, he told me that they have been using this for the past 2 years and that the blackberry application was indigenously developed by the Bangalore Traffic Police department. The photo of the license and the details get uploaded via satellite link to their server and it gets recorded as a transacion in his account. He felt pride in explaining this to me and I was literally dumbstruck!

What can I say, if they keep a tab on that account the corruption levels can definitely be monitored and controlled to a large extent and as to the technology adoption hats off to the department.


2 Responses to “Bangalore Traffic Police Go Hi-Tech”

  1. 1 Anoop December 24, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    This was something even I experienced recently 2 months ago, I was speeding at more than 140 kmph on Bangalore-Mysore highway(Speed limit only 80kmph) & out of nowhere policemen stopped me & I was completely gobsmacked to see them having a perfect picture of my car & me inside driving & the speed I had exceeded. I politely paid 400 Rs fine and happily drove away excited about the new changes…Well gotta credit BJP govt for these changes.. If they keep this up, then I guess they will win people’s faith & hope they do something about traffic in Bangalore, that is something which drives me crazy, from Singapore to bangalore I used to take 4 hrs by flight, but I take more than 3 hrs from airport to my home ūüė¶

    • 2 Sreeja Iyer December 24, 2009 at 9:42 pm

      well, i agree about the traffic condition. Have you heard of the commuteeasy campaign being run by the traffic police along with Radio One? Its pretty good, I hear. Beyond this either they need to do something like what was done in London or plan out the city better! And not sure if the Metro coming up is going to be a relief either!

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