Frustrated with Windows Vista

Well, I got Windows Vista installed on my new laptop and I’m frustrated to say the least. No amount of trying is going to make Windows do a “Mac” and in the process they destroy what they do have – the fact that people are used to using them! Few things that are really troubling me…

1. The “Up” button in the directory structure has vanished – Now, this is really gone….!!! There is no way you can easily go back up the directory structure. If they have thought of some intuitive way to make it happen, it hasn’t occured to me yet and I’m not Impressed. Sheesh!

2. Can’t find Add/Remove programs in the control panel – Well, this time the function hasn’t vanished. It has just been renamed as “Programs and Functions”. Seriously, did they think renaming it might make it more efficient? Why make changes that don’t add any value?

3. Pin to Startup Menu has been “apparently” replaced by Add to Quick Launch Area – No matter how many times I added stuff to that area – nothing was visible! I’m still struggling with this one.

These seem simple and silly at some level. But, I don’t want to do more work to “learn” how to use a computer with every OS upgrade, do I? More as they come….


2 Responses to “Frustrated with Windows Vista”

  1. 1 Anoop December 11, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    I believe these problems have been overcome in the new Windows 7, Im not sure if its already released, but you can read reviews and install it if you are not happy with the conventional Windows XP, I still have XP installed on my laptop along with Vista and I only go into Vista sporadically.

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