What is right in India?

My good friend, Vinod Jain, and I were having a discussion on the kind of things that don’t work in India and the list goes on…you know, I know, we all know!

But, that is when I got thinking, there are certain things that do work and have been working reasonably well. Given the size of the population, the scaling and execution challenges they have and given the low margins they work on, they are doing a pretty good job. Here goes my list:

1. Online Travel Agencies (OTA) – Man, this works! I can get a ticket booked without ever having to stand in a line and not having to pay a huge premium for the service. Cleartrip, Makemytrip, IRCTC, Redbus and the list goes on….a big shout out, thank you guys! One knows the system works, when you need to do things beyond the plain vanilla bookings, like multi-leg flights, cancellations, postponements, changing portions of the journey and trust me, all of this works and works well.

2. Online Banking – Again, I can do most of my banking work online without having to visit the branch (if I chose to do so). Again, the system works, I can do everything ranging from pay my mobile bill, electricity bill to deliver a demand draft to a requested address, all without going anywhere or standing in a line, anywhere!

3. Enable India – This is an NGO that works to empower differently abled people in India and not only does it cater to skill improvement, it helps them find a job as well as does work place evaluation on a regular basis to ensure fitment. I personally met up with a friend who has used their services and it changed his life for the better, so again kudos to you!

I’m sure one can say that most of these services, especially the two of the first ones is limited by the access to internet and that is changing too. With a heavy push from the Government to connect semi-urban and rural areas, we are well on our way to addressing the bottom of the pyramid. There are a lot of initiatives underway to cater to financial, infrastructure and health needs in these areas and private players are taking active interest to provide low cost, effective solutions for the same. More about some of these initiatives in an upcoming post.


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