Twitter n Me

I started using twitter a few days ago and one of the major things that has kept me on it (aside from the real-time effect) is the fact that there are certain thoughts you don’t want to expand into a complete blog article. They neatly fits into 140 characters and convey the point succinctly enough which, in turn then, lets me move on….instead of haunting me with expansion possibilities and an attempt to stuff them with words in order to grow them into full blow blog articles.

As many have felt before, I too feel a strong urge to just tweet interesting thoughts that pop up in my head (as and when they do), instead of thinking about whether it is a “blog worthy” thought and whether I should work on expanding it further or just leave it in the twitter jungle (along with all the other hashtags for my followers to figure out whether it is important enough or not). But, I’m resisting it better than I expected. I want to spend time expanding interesting ideas. Only that, now I have decided not to backlog non-expansible ideas/thoughts/comments/opinions etc. but to publish it on my twitter account. How do I decide which ones are in which category? Ah! that is a topic for another blog. So wait and watch…this space. Yeah, of course, before I forget you can follow me on twitter @sreejaiyer.


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