Why Consulting is such a sought after career choice?

I’ve thought about this endlessly, perhaps will continue to do so…but applying one of the principles I read in Nissim’s, Black Swan seems to help me address this question very elegantly.

In a section where he touches upon career advice he says how the best career advice he ever received was one about picking a career that was scalable (he later on talks about how that advice was one of the worst too…but we will come to that later). One in which your continuous presence does not limit your upside potential, one in which the quality of your decisions and not you as a physical entity has prominence. Lo behold, apply consulting to that framework and the question solves itself. It is one of the easiest professions for the logically-thinking people where they can make intelligent sounding strategies and rake millions out of pretty looking presentations.

Now, please don’t think of this as a high-brow statement, I belong to the same class of individuals classified as consultants and know the importance of the work as well as the painstaking, backbreaking, mind numbing effort that goes into making those pretty-looking presentations. However, it is like one of those moments when some puzzle falls in place and you have to celebrate it by announcing it to the world and hence, here I’m,  a step closer to the blessed state of knowingly doing what I’m doing.


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