Late Comers…Fly Good

Two of my past experiences seem to be indicating that if you manage to arrive really late, but at the nick of time at an airline check-in counter, there are lots of sops in store. The nail-biting, nerve-wrecking experience of just about making it to the flight can lead to rewards ranging from upgrades to business class, meal vouchers at stopovers and seats with leg-stretch space that are generally reserved for people with special needs or travelling with babies.

Our recent most return flight from our hometown resulted in an unusually long queue at the entrance, and though we were 20-30 mins ahead of time and had done online check-in, by the time we reached the check-in counter our seats had been released and Kingfisher graciously upgraded us to business class – so that resulted in a luxurious trip back to Bangalore. Long live, long queues!!!

 Next…is the most hilarious of all, this is our recent trip to Thailand. Due to long queues in the visa on arrival counter, we managed to miss our connecting flight to Phuket and what is more, arrived with just 10 mins to spare for the next one. They had us jump the queue, dash to the check-in, zoom past the security and run through the corridors to be seated in the seats with leg-stretch space – oh! what a relief, it was – I fell asleep through most of the flight, anyway. But not before thanking God, for the long queues!!!

Oh and I almost forgot – I was thinking, wouldn’t it be a good idea for the airlines to offer some kind of sop for people who come a little ahead of time or on time and help them avoid last minute confusions? Do you think the regular nick-of-time time arrivers will start arriving a little ahead of the last minute, if they knew that randomly a person chosen up to a certain point of time on any given day might get an upgrade and the closer to the counter closing time they get, the lesser probablity of them getting the upgrade? Food for thought…is someone from Jet or Kingfisher marketing listening?


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