Jewellery Ad’s Golden Tail Effect

In many an articles in this blog, I have repeatedly asked (myself loudly, mostly :)) who buys stuff seeing the various obnoxious and oft-repeated ads dumped at the consumers, day in and day out. One of the reasons that jumps out is brand building, of course. But, it seems like a general marketing hoo-ha, not something that can affect us at a sub-conscious level, not something that can make permanent behavioural changes in our buying patterns, not something that can cause us to want things different from what we used to before we were subjected to the ad agency consipracy.

Well, when you look at it from the three lenses above, the jewellery industry in Kerala (India) jumps out at you. You name it there are so many of them (Bhima, Joy Alukkas, Alappatt, Josco to name a few…), the coverage on the billboards in Kerala not withstanding they are extending their reach to Chennai and Bangalore too! In the past, they might have flourished as a natural investment option for all kinds of money flowing in from Gulf countries for the families back home. But, there are other kinds of people living there, who don’t have as much money, who probably want to invest in other instruments other than Gold, but wherever you turn in Kerala, the bedecked, bejewelled faces are smiling at you – as if asking – “Do you like this?”, “Do you own this”, “Your worth is defined by how much Gold you own”, “I look good in gold, you will too” and more…phew!

At a subliminal level, the society itself begins to value gold more than the rest of the country does. People begin to see it as a mark of status, something they should own as a must-have. People begin to think that because everybody around them wants it, they must want it too and if they have money, the only right thing to do is to buy gold. It requires quite a bit of grit and determination to stay put in your resolve not to buy it, if you don’t want to, to begin with.

Anyway, kudos to the ad dollars that have shaped the psyche of an entire state and are expanding their wings further north.


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