Samsung Mobile Ads – Next Is What?

Samsung appointed Aamir Khan as the brand ambassador for their mobile phones in India in March 2008. Since then the ad series has gone through a couple of revamps. The initial set of ads were for the Samsung Karoke Phone, pictured Aamir Khan singing old Hindi film songs aloud and prancing around in an apartment. It was masterminded by the creative agency, Cheil Worldwide, and ended wit the punchline, “bolti band, gana shuru”, they were cheeky at best and ineffective, at worst. 

 The new set of ads are a refreshing change and bring out the innovative, creative quality of the Samsung brand to the forefront. Aamir shines in the ads by not being the center of activity, yet delivering the punches with precision timing.  It strings three disparate scenes together, with very apt music while showcasing the availability of features like music player (in a moving train), games and camera (with flash) on the mobile. You can see the new set of ads here. Quite a good package, I must say!

Just as these ads were enticing the users, here comes Samsung with a newer set of ads, showcasing a rugged image with their Samsung Marine. Attempting to debunk their image as just a “and stylish phone”, the ad is shot in real-life outdoor locations and showcases the phone weathering water, sun and mud effectively. The ad agency is Cheil India and have launched the ad with the tagline – “One Life. Challenge It.” What I find really cheeky with this ad is, in the first screen shot at the bottom they show, “Do not try this with any other mobile phone”. Ha ha!

Anybody tried any of the Samsung phones in any of these real life situations? Is it really as rugged as the ad claims?


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  1. 1 samsung September 9, 2009 at 6:12 am

    thank’s your post, i like this

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