Airtel Special 5 Launches…

Teaser ads from Airtel that were launched as a repartee to Tata Docomo that promised an offer of 50p/min have been revealed in full – with the launch of Airtel Special 5.

A set of promising ads based on mobile usage analytics which apparently showed that most people call a close circle of about 5 people, the most. A very clever tactic to throw the attention away from the second pulse rate campaign that Tata Docomo has launched. So, without hitting them head on and pitching in with a similar offering, Airtel is attempting to woo its existing base to remain with it, by showing them – they care…good move!

However, two things don’t sort themselves out in the “special” scheme of things for me and they are:

1. Why is Airtel using children in its ads? – Have they realized that the Maddy-Vidya magic is not working anymore? Are they running out of real, adult-life ideas, thanks to “Idea”? Or are they hoping to emulate the fan following the vodafone, the pug with a girl – there for you always, ad has generated? Either way, the move from the market leader proves that when a new player enters the market,  they have to keep running, to stay in the same place.

2. If the above said publicized market research, which says that people call five people closest to them most, is actually true – then that means ARPU’s (average revenue per user) will drop even further, right? If the market research data quoted in the PR is true, that is, then what the market leader is doing is axing its golden goose, in return for Re.1/person/day that they would collect from you – you get to speak to any five people you chose in the country for just 50p/minute (local calls at 20p/min), well – probably not! But here is my logic, people who speak to their “special” people for a long time, figure out attractive plans on the best possible network, anytime and the others who are casual callers, might sign up for this plan but may or may not speak longer – so the hope that you can make up in volume what you lost in price, may not be valid. The only glimmer of hope is if they convert the heavy users…that is!

What do you think? Would love to hear from you…


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