An Apology That Mattered

Amazon recently deleted copies of books from Kindle (e-book reader) that they realized they did not have rights for. However, the catch was, people who had bought the copies did not know that they were illegal and were not informed prior to the deletion. It resulted in outraged customers lashing out about the impropriety of the act and a lawsuit. However, something saved the day, something very powerful and sincere that Jeff Bezos did, brought back a lot of goodwill to Amazon. It was an Apology, that mattered – see below…

“This is an apology for the way we previously handled illegally sold copies of 1984 and other novels on Kindle. Our “solution” to the problem was stupid, thoughtless, and painfully out of line with our principles. It is wholly self-inflicted, and we deserve the criticism we’ve received. We will use the scar tissue from this painful mistake to help make better decisions going forward, ones that match our mission.” – With deep apology to our customers, Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO

What do you think, can an apology save an act of this kind? If they had deleted a book you had purchased, would you be ok with it? Do you support the lawsuit? Would love to hear from you…


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