My WordPress Vs. Tumblr Experience – So Far…

This is my first take on wordpress vs. tumblr based on my experience, so far…

1. Customization – Installing extra plugins was never easier on tumblr, not at all possible in – I could install google analytics so easily on tumblr, I can’t do it on blog and do I miss it!!!

2. Popularity Hits – WordPress is a more popular platform, I get more hits on my page with zero marketing work than I ever got on my tumblr pages

3.  Widgets  – A lot of add-on widgets come for free and are quick install in wordpress, all of which get my started up with zero effort. While on tumblr, I have to know about these widgets to begin with and then search it & install them on tumblr (but the good news is, if I have enough patience, I can install anything on tumblr which is not the case with my or go looking for the widgets as and when I need them, I guess…

4. Tumblr: twitter-like – The common space on tumblr, people seem to be using like Twitter, very few people write genuinely good articles out there – most people are posting links, photos and music – which is what it was intended for, to begin with

5.  Comments – This is the part I’m still struggling with. I installed Disqus on my tumblelog and attempted to port my comments to wordpress when I moved my blogs – but alas! it is not possible on my blog. If I self-host, I get all these features, but not until then.

So, this is what I have as of now…shall keep you posted as I go along and discover more…

This is all I got for now..I shall be coming back with more! Do post if you have your stories…


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