Jazz Not So Jazzy

Honda has launched the much awaited “Jazz”, a mid size hatchback car, in India (they announced it a year ago!). An ad that is airing in prime time with the concept of “breaking other car owners’ bubble” with a tagline of “why so serious?” by Ogilvy and Mather. It is retailing at a price of 6-7 Lakhs INR in India.

The price makes it the highest priced mid size hatchback in the market, higher than the highest selling swift (~5-6 Lakhs) and the most popular economy car Santro (~4 Lakhs). And, what is more, the ad is not helping either, the car looks less spacious than the Santro and is not necessarily a breath taker…and the only bubble the ad is breaking is its own! What  is more, the tagline, probably tries to position it as a fun car, I mean, seriously, the costliest car in town, with not-so-great looks – has to be fun”ny” right?

You can see an image if you have not seen it on the roads and shrugged at it, yet and here is the ad if you have not seen it yet. What say?


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