Back from a picnic and into a book

I had been to the official annual picnic of my group this weekend, it was at a place called Wild Tribe Ranch in the outskirts of Chennai, about 40kms to the north. The event was organized and managed by e-ventures. The ride to the ranch was just about getting boring, when the e-venuture guys presented a magician to us. Doing magic tricks in a moving bus at an extremely close range with people peering around your hands, neck and pockets is not an easy task – the magician did an amazing job and enthralled the skeptics and the believers alike…! Hats off Suraj….

Next came the activities at the ranch – the organizers are extremely safety conscious and take all necessary precautions. There are a couple of interesting games like the Trampoline jump, Paintball and the All Terrain Vehicle Ride, not to mention the swimming pool and the delicious food! As we were making merry with the activities, a bunch of kids ranging from 3-18 years appeared, armed with sticks and few more weapons, like churutu waal – they were students of a martial art form in Tamil Nadu called Selambattam and by God, were they good!!! The skill and deftness of hand along with the fearlessness to play with arms with fire lit at the ends made it a visual treat. Many of the performers were national level champions in the art form. The only conernmost of us had was that there was no safety precaution on their body or clothes, in case, something went out of hand, especially when they were performing with fire. All in all, the picnic was a stress-busting event and on my way back, enabled most of us to forget a lot of bitterness for a few hours.

I purchased a book titled – “what got you here, won’t get you there” by Marshall Goldsmith, an executive coach, mentor and facilitator and have been immersed in it ever since…more on the book’s interesting insights in the next post… Do visit the Wild Tribe Ranch, if any of you guys live in and around Chennai – it is definitely worth a visit once in a lifetime. I shall publish pictures soon…


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