Why do people write blogs?

This question had bothered me for a long time before I got brainwashed enough to start one of my own. I want to dedicate one post to write down my reasons for and against and feel free to chime in with yours.

1. As a form of expression – though the audience might not necessarily be just people I know, but the point of digital and mass communication mediums is to reach out
2. Keep a record of my thoughts on disparate issues, industries, aspects that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to share with a single person/group and people can selectively choose to read/ignore what they like
3. Connect with people of similar wavelength on several different issues
4. As an extension of where I can point people to when I’m introducing myself or conveying my thoughts – to better know or understand who I’m
5. Instilling in me the discipline to think about and write good quality content – in the process improving my capabilities

1. There is enough digital junk being created day-in, day-out by others, why add to it?
2. Who really wants to hear what you experienced anywhere you went, or what you think about the latest cool technology/product that was launched
3. Too much of who you are, what you think being out there in the open for everyone to judge
4. I don’t write well enough to be read by others
5. I don’t have anything interesting to share

Most of the against points, I retaliated in my mind, with mostly – what the heck! and so, here I’m…tell me of your story, how did you start blogging? What keeps you at it?


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