Three Different Ads…three real themes

Three different ads seem to have caught my attention. Without much ado, here you go:

1. Max New York Life Insurance Ad – Finally, I think one insurance company has come out of “create-inspid-ads” mode and created something unique and irritatingly different. Unique because it portrays a retired man living a carefree life and his wife being worried about his whereabouts and irritating because a retired person with or without money in hand can behave this way and irritate the heck out of the family! Anyway, the ad line and the two ads that have been aired, to date, are a refreshing change on the take towards life insurance.

2. Axe Effect Ad – I read in economic times a week ago that the ad had resulted in about 3.5Mn+ calls to the number being displayed in the ad where the Axe angels (as the girls in the axe ad are called) give out their number to a man who douses himself in Axe perfume. In fact, the article went on to claim that the ad was based on a market survey which revealed that most women are willing to give their numbers to a man who was “cute” and especially so, if he was smelling good too! Well, whether the guys catch the girls attention with the Axe-effect or not, the ad seems to have caught India’s attention, for sure!

3. Dove Shampoo Ad – The recent most Dove ad has taken a different stand compared to most beauty products. They show a bunch of women with different kinds of hair and the tagline goes to state that “real women, real beauty, we help keep it that way”. Good move, I would say.


1 Response to “Three Different Ads…three real themes”

  1. 1 Larry October 30, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Interesting studies. Axe’s flash games / online efforts catch my attention as well. (

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