The Waning Airtel Magic

Vidya Balan and Madhavan have been doing a series of ads for Airtel for about a year now. Seriously, they started out on the right note, the right subtle screen-couple spark, the right script and everything – but over the last few ads, the script has become weaker and the silent exchange of glances between the screen couple towards the end of each ad has become more annoying than ever, without conveying any meaning or adding any value to the Airtel brand. The warmth shared between them (or that is shown to be) does not translate to warmth with the Airtel brand in my mind!

Seriously, Airtel needs new ad series…hope they are measuring their effectiveness against the wildly successful zoozoos from Vodafone and do something before it is too late (or is it already?)

But, ad or no ad, I’m a staunch Airtel user and will not switch to Vodafone even for a better plan…!


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