It Clicks When You Smile…

Sony added a smile shutter feature to its Cyber-shot T200 and T70. Ever since I saw the ad – which says “It clicks when you smile”, I was thinking about how and how well this works, so I did a bit of digging around and came up with this..

Face detection is something many camera makers have been adding to their products over the past few years. However, smile shutter is the ultimate in this effort. It works in concert with the cameras’ face detection system that sets focus, exposure, white balance, and flash automatically on up to eight faces in a scene in the smile shutter mode. When engaged, Smile Shutter detects faces, as the name implies, that are smiling – which implies movement of cheek bones, narrowing of eyes, eyebrows etc.. One can set different levels of smile sensitivity but within a scene only one person’s smile controls the entire clicking.

Now, what is the user feedback on this – the jury is varied. As any other tool out there, it is not a panacea for people who become “smile-less” in front of a camera and people who have natural frown face! All it can do is capture a smile when someone does, however, that does not necessarily make a good picture and hence, does not take away from the photographers’ capabilities, in any way.

However, the camera is sleek, takes good quality pictures and Sony has the rightly tapped the sentiment of amateur photographers with the tagline – “It clicks when you smile!”


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