My Chinese Impressions – Part 5

Funny and a few interesting foodie experiences in Shanghai…

Ordering Aloo Paratha at the Indian Kitchen

I had blogged previously about how I figured out Indian Kitchen in Jian Qiao. This was find indeed for me and excited as I was, decided to order Aloo Paratha, which is a standard Indian dish made with potato boiled, mashed with spices and rolled within wheat rolls and roasted on a pan with lots of ghee. Now, what I got instead was aloo pizza (mashed potato topping on top of wheat bread). I found the twist on “our aloo paratha” hilariously funny!

How we arrived at FACE!

After the previous incident, I re-started my search for Indian food and found an address which seemed to be pretty close to the office in Pudong and my colleague and I started our journey towards this new place in a taxi. We arrived at a Government guest house and the taxi guy continued his journey inside – there was not a soul in sight even to ask for directions or to know if we had the wrong address and were to end up in jail within the next couple of minutes for trespassing or whatever! However, we arrived at the best Indian Restaurant in Shanghai (also one of the costliest…) – it’s called FACE. I can vouch for it, I have eaten at the restaurant twice and both the times the price and effort of getting there was worth it. However, I can never forget the random thoughts that were racing through our minds the first time we were about to find the best Indian restaurant in Shanghai…!!!

Belgian Chocolate Foundue

Saving the best for the last. I’ve learned that the Indian way of speaking English and our pronunciation of certain words are too fast and far away from their vocabulary for the Chinese. It is not the right or wrong, it is just not their way…that’s it. Now, my colleague and I strongly believe that the night at the restaurant near our hotel we ordered Belgian Fudge or something like that, but instead what we got changed our concept of dessert forever – lots of freshly cut fruits and melted Belgian dark chocolate (kept that way using a small candle flame below the pot) and do I need to say anymore..I don’t think it made a damn difference what we ordered, what we got made us really happy!!!


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