missing career front end – part 4 (companies)

This is 4th in the series of the missing career front end that I have been blogging about.previously here. In this series, I want to cover what I think could be the benefits from the point of view of corporates in supporting this cause and how they could help.

I want to start with what could be missing, then go over what they can do and last, cover the obvious, how they can benefit.

It Looks Like a Black Hole

Most corporates face this and startups face this as they grow larger. Employees are unclear of where they are headed (it is mostly up to the immediate management to cover this ground, but gets missed in the light of immediate deliverables) and hence, employees get disgruntled and leave.

HR conducts exit polls and digs into the responses and comes up with the conclusion that the people leave their managers, not necessarily the companies. Now, though this might be true, but they have no guarantee of a changed management style or a better company culture – so why do employees really leave? Now, I’m not an expert but my understanding is that though the reasons can vary from anything ranging from loss of interest to a bad manager, the basic underlying premise is unmet expectations. All employees come with their own mental model of what they think a company is like/should be, how they should be treated, what they want to work on and where they want to go. Now, to a varying degree this might be ranging from perception to reality, some people may have these clearer in their head than others, for who this might be more at a sub conscious level.

This is not my problem

Most companies think that it is the problem of the new joinee to figure out the culture and adjust to it. It is true, however, this can be re-aligned in many ways to ensure that you get the right kind of people in the first place and reduce the dissonance and exit process load, wasted training and re-training costs, at a later stage.

A company can create messages (hopefully less engineered and closer to reality – because the agenda is to get the right people in, with the right expectation and not project yourself as being “THE BEST”) about its culture, people, work environment, expectations and even challenges (if they want to be open about it) and put it out in social media in different formats, which can get picked up by people looking out for this information and hopefully help reduce the pressure on application screening process and even, exit process!

Achieving 0% attrition

Although this might seem like a dream, some amount of attrition related to higher studies and competition poaching happens all the time and is healthy, in my opinion. The employee gets enriched and is more valuable to organizations in the process – though I’m digressing on my point here. So, coming back, interested, enlightened and informed employees (who at least know what they are getting into, if not interested in it…) are an asset to a company and less likely to spread dissatisfaction at a team level or leave…

Any HR-readers/company CEO’s out there – please comment…


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