Ta-ta Indicom

Tata Indicom, a telecom operator in India, has been running a series of ads in India with different settings, like a restaurant, election campaign etc. and in each context the protagonist is interspersing his sentences with “hello”, “hello” and their tagline – “bad networks can cause this to you”…brilliant, huh?

Well, not so fast…this has an interesting history for me. I bought a CDMA Tata Indicom connection 6 years ago, found the network connectivity to be below par, in turn causing me to say “hello”, “hello” on the phone several times…notwithstanding, the year long struggle to get my fixed deposit back from them for the handset, which I had returned within a month purchase!

So, now that Tata Indicom, of all players has launched this ad, it kind of seems hilariously funny and misguided to me. Although, branding is a crucial and important aspect for a service, one should know who they are and what they stand for and amplify that in their messages. Sending out messages like this, will result in posts and outcries like this and at best, smirks from the customers – WHO KNOW THE TRUTH. Word of mouth about the ad will not do them any good either, because people will refer to it in the context of “I don’t believe they are running such an ad” vs if they had run something like “value for money” or “international calls at the best rates” or “access cool services” – I might have thought, ah! I don’t know about this, I guess they have all these cool offerings and have gone my own way. I would think this is an example of “negative branding exercise” in action….

What do you think?


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