Right people, wrong advice

I have often wondered when we seek advice, especially on careers from people around us, how right people end up giving us wrong advice. It is not intentionally wrong, it sounds right to them, it sounds logical given what they know They just don’t know very much, that’s all…

Two instances in my life, I have received advice of this sort, the first one was around college selection and the other one was around branch selection in Engineering. If you had a choice between a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering in a tier 2 college vs. a chemical or mechanical engineering degree in a tier 1 college, which one would you chose? Data shows that alma mater matters more than the degree you have in today’s environment. I was advised otherwise.

Another such instance happened when I had to choice between different branches in the same college. Previously I said what degree you chose doesn’t matter as long as it is from the better college. Now, what if you had to chose branches within the same college – obviously you would choose based on the ranking within the branches, right? I say, wrong, although it might help in the short run, in my opinion, one must choose the degree based on the ecosystem where you want to work, based on the job market and if you already know that is, based on what you like to do…this is a decision for a life-time and helps reduce chaos and dissatisfaction if you don’t follow the herd here. Again, I was given the “follow the herd” advice. I wish I had known….


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