What an Idea sir ji!

If I were to think about the recent most ads which caught my fancy and attention – it would have to be undoubtedly the following:

1. What an Idea sir ji! – Idea Mobile Ad, starring Abhishek Bacchan about reaching out to underprivileged through mobile network (this rings a bell in India with the increasing accessibility of mobile phones, a person in a village may not have access to a landline, a computer or even a private toilet but he has access to a mobile – shown by the increasing penetration and mind boggling growth in mobile connections month on month in India – but the highlight of the ad was the ingenuity of solving a commonly acknowledged problem with a feasible solution in the current context

2. Jagore – Janagraha with Tata Tea, public awareness campaign about voting rights, a very powerful guilt message is delivered

3. Zoozoos – Vodafone-IPL ads featuring one new ad per day throughout the IPL season with stick figures with a head and limbs and showcasing the various vodafone features using different contexts, mostly cricket-related and a few others is a rage and I look up from whatever I’m doing to see the new ad everyday

The main reason I wanted to list these down was that they are sticky for various reasons and none of them are the presence of a superstar. In fact the Jagore and the Zoozoo’s ad does not feature any superstar, the concept and the creators are the superstars…the daily new ads with the Zoozoos and the powerful social nature of the Jagore ad are the main attractions for me…

Now, I saw the recent Idea Mobile Ad for the IPL season. It advertises Idea mobile numbers of cricket stars like Sachin Tendulkar on national television of course, after giving them new numbers…). This ad got me thinking, when was the last time any of us bought something because our favorite star endorsed it? When was the last time an ad stuck in your head because a star endorsed it? This happened to me a couple of times but I forgot the ad and the product and mostly remembered that I saw the actor do yet another ad and did not want to see it anymore.

In our branding course we did learn that sometimes the actor/player has a brand quality of his own, like Amitabh Bacchan, who exudes a certain kind of quite confidence and stature which a brand might want to associate with, in which case, it might just work – like I clearly remember the parker ad in which Amitabh appears but don’t know what he is doing in the dairy milk ad, though!

Comments and feedback, welcome…

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