Ads are for customers, dumbo!

Godrej is running a Ad for its Eon series of Air Conditioners with the tag line “Designed by Curiosity” – good tagline, right timing (it is summer in India) but well, wonder why the ad makes the customers appear like fools…? It shows various households and various customers sitting in offices, homes etc all sweating and puffing in the heat because their air conditioner is still wrapped up…(again, the theme is good) but then the ad goes on to ask – why buy an air conditioner and not use it? Well, this is the catch line…but it fails to drive home the point – why are the people unable to use the existing air conditioners? (probably because of power cuts!) and why will they be able to use the Godrej air conditioners?

I fail to understand the ad…it sort of either blames the customer (if you take it in one way) or it makes them appear foolish or helpless (if you look at it the other way)..either way is not too cool for a brand that is looking to re-brand itself in the “aspiring” and “consumption” oriented families of today as a cool brand to associate with!

I think a better catch line, would have been – why buy an air conditioner and yet melt in the heat or something…any comments?

Compare that with LG Air Conditioners ad – which has the tag line “Tomorrow is waiting” ….it shows people peacefully falling asleep in different contexts in a room powered by LG air conditioner in the sound belief that they need to enjoy the ambience and coolness now and deal with everything else later..I kind of like this ad – it makes the customer feel secured and comforted and of course “cool”! 🙂


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