missing career front end – part 1 (job seekers)

I spent a long time, after I started working, thinking about what to type into the search box at Naukri, Monster, HotJobs (take your pick!) and when I finally typed it into the box, I realized that I didn’t match the requirements (My aspirations differed from my experience).

In short, I have realized that the two pieces (of the many out there!) that are kind of missing in the job search platform are a) what is out there not just right now, but historically or in the near past in my industry/field of interest ? b) what is it that I can be good at and enjoy doing? or to turn it on its head and ask a) what is it that I love doing? b) what is out there that exactly or kind of comes close to what I love for me?

The latter part of the question goes something like this, now if I kind of know what I want to do and it is entirely different from what I did previously – how do I go about enabling that transition? And as most people are thinking, I’m willing to take the risk, I’m willing to put in the money, how do I know what is out there, whether I will really like it, will I fit in, what are the returns I can expect, is it worth giving up what I have now (however bad that maybe!), are there others who have gone this way and done this before?

All this and more…needs solutions. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this and what you think can be done…


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