The Altered Bingo Ad

Bingo (which is a snack brand of ITC’s) recently launched their cream & onion international flavor in an attempt to go global (?) or maybe, just cater to the “videshi” is good Indian mentality?. They have been running an advertisement to promote this flavor specifically that had a line towards the end which said “Apna Bingo Vilayat Mein Bhi Milta Hai?” meaning our “Bingo is available abroad too?” .

This was kind of jarring because it meant in a way that Bingo as a product couldn’t be available globally which went against the exact intentions of the launch, I guess. I was wondering for the past few weeks every time I saw that ad why someone would promote an international flavor product and give it such a negative implication at such a heavy price (of the ad, of course!). And today, to my surprise and relief, they retained the entire ad (which is a nice desi one, by the way) and changed that one line to, “Yeh To Humare Gaav Mein Bhi Milta Hai” meaning “This is available in my village too”. Now, I thought that was a nice modification to the ad – conveyed the meaning perfectly well. Now, product does not feel out of place in the ad

Kudos to the advertising team and the Bingo’s marketing team for being on their feet about this.

An interesting market trivia which proves the prowess of the Bingo Strategy: Bingo shot to 16 percent all-India market share within six months of launch. Ref here:


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