This was a long time coming…

Here I’m about 6 years after the blogging revolution began, taking my first baby steps into it. When I thought about what my first blog should be about, I thought what better to write than how I got here and how it happened to be now!

In 2003, one fine July morning, I was thinking about topics to write about for my freelancing stint with Metro Plus. While browsing I came across the concept of a “Web Log” or “Blog” and wanted to explore it further. When I approached the local The Hindu office with my “brilliant idea”, I was met with a surprised look and politely asked to select topics that were locally relevant…of course, they were “right”, then!

Of course, I did not to write about it and stayed confused about the implications of a blog for quite sometime. I guess I was resisting change to begin with, which evolved into informed neglect later (I have been wanting to start blogging since 2006!). But here, I’m now…

In more ways than one, a blog has been a social revolution and given a right to public opinion to so many people that no other public platform has never done before and as it stands for who you are over a period of time, it becomes your digital signature, your digital persona – so better late than never, so here I’m, to join the party…and here to stay.


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